Getting Started

For the last 8 years I have been developing intellectual property (IP) as a contracted consultant. By IP I mean the literal interpretation in that my client had an idea for a product and I took that idea, researched the technology necessary to bring the idea to reality and then applied that technology into a demonstrable implementation that realized exactly what the customer envisioned. That implementation is literally IP for that client. Often you will also see the term IP applied to the creation, purchase or holding of patents and yes that is an appropriate use of the term. The term is also used to refer to purchasable or licensed reusable partitions of commonly used functions provided by various EDA vendors, also an appropriate use of the term. But as a contracted consultant I have tried to convey my expertise as an IP provider, which is different than other consultants or contractors which generally provide guidance as part of a consultation or technical services such as coding or system evaluation and configuration. Certainly I have the skills and expertise to do both of these latter offerings but I believe my best value and what I have done for employers and contracted clients for over 25 years is provide Intellectual Property.

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