Your company probably has an EDA budget that is spent on generating or outright purchasing IP from an EDA/IP vendor. Considering that the EDA software or license, usually, has not only a purchase cost, but an on going support cost with the vendor; and an internal cost to operate or incorporate the purchase into your product, how effective has that experience been? In some cases, generic IP works as expected, in many cases it can take as much effort to work with it as it would have to build it custom. Companies are always faced with make or buy decisions. However often these decisions are hampered by the fact that purchased IP comes from a different budget than compensation for personnel. Why not consider using some of the EDA budget to purchase custom IP? A contracted consultant can develop custom IP that the company owns and is easier to evaluate, incorporate, maintain and re-target than purchased generic IP. And if the contract is written properly it can be funded from the EDA budget instead of the compensation budget.

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