Paging Dr. Drone

Where is the telepresence industry making the most effort?

The best known is military and law enforcement “drones”. This is done to protect pilots from combatants and to keep surveillance and offensive assets on station while relieving pilots and crew.

Yesterday I posted a video showing a telepresence application in education.  This allows a disabled or infectious student to maintain an education curriculum while also creating and maintaining an element of social interaction that comes in a school environment.

Another area of effort is health. To enable efficient collaboration of patients and specialized health professionals available coincidentally. Would you rather have a couple of minutes with each of you health specialist independently while they impatiently watch the clock to keep on schedule, or would you like to confer with all of them at once while they have the entire records and resources of their electronic office immediately at hand.

Courtroom telepresence is being employed to protect and accommodate witnesses, make experts readily available and to eliminate expensive and hazardous transportation and unsafe interactions with violent defendants.

These are all applications where in most cases it would seem that hands-on face-to-face personal interaction would be critical to successful results. However, each of these applications have benefits that at least outway the distractions and in some cases have benefits that are more amenable to successful outcomes.

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