Cool Project, First Update

Last Monday I spent a day and worked through building the Linux for NIOS II (LN2) development environment on the virtual Ubuntu Linux machine via VMware. The next step on the LN2 wiki was building a NIOS II with MMU project in Quartus. The wiki assumed I know more than I did so I jumped over to the Altera site and found the NIOS II hardware tutorial ( I had to make adjustments to re-target to the Altera Stratix II Kit I have but it went well except when it ended with an introduction to the NIOS II in Eclipse software build. When I tried to run the Binary Counter example the Executable and Linkable file (ELF) failed to download. Some quick Google searching said others had the same problem and it had to do with the template board system package (BSP).  I needed to know more about the software development environment anyway so I started into the NIOS II software guide ( Using the NIOS project I developed in the hardware tutorial, and after increasing the on chip memory size,  I was able to get the Hello World template program to download and execute. I could start there and move forward developing code but if I want to get Linux running then I need to back up and build a NIOS per the LN2 wiki and develop in the Linux environment. So, the next work session will be going back to the LN2 wiki and see if I now know enough to get back on that track. Since the rest of last week got killed with jury duty and some other obligations that work session started yesterday.

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