Cool Project, Stuck for a Moment

Monday, was spent trying to decide how to move forward. I had sort of hit that point where you wonder if you are on the right track. Everything starts to look formidable. Yes I have made a lot of progress and learned some new  skills already. But, the LN2 wiki is a few years old and references older versions of the Altera software. Some of the issues I have already run into and solved have had to do with outdated references and issues with compatibility.  I suspect the binary counter issue with the bad elf was part of that.

The instructions and references on the wiki are less detailed and seem to presume more prior knowledge than I have. All wikis are living documents. They are edited by a community and by definition are never finished. They are supposed to be continually edited as the information it records also evolves. However, when a wiki is no longer actively being edited it is still not finished and generally contains inconsistent, outdated and often incoherent information. Instead of a living document it becomes a wiki-zombie which stumbles around its old familiar places. You can observe it and possibly extract where it should be but unless you are part of the community you don’t know if it is the living dead because the information it documents has become irrelevant or the information it documents is so stable that editing the wiki has become irrelevant. So, do I search for another free embedded Linux source or do I presume that this the best one and continue forward.

I am still not completely comfortable with understanding the entirety of the BSP. I understand what it probably does but I am not ready to solve issues like the one I ran into with the binary counter template. So, should I spend more time on the software guide? Possibly move forward with some non-Linux software development within Eclipse before I go back to the LN2 wiki. Or, should I barge forward with the LN2 wiki and expect that I don’t need to know anymore about BSP? Maybe, I should start building some of the other hardware for the final project. This would get me back to an area I am already comfortable with and restore my confidence. In fact, I could give up on the Linux effort and just build the project on the NIOS II I already built and launch from one of the Eclipse software templates.

That was Monday.

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