New Cool Project?

If you followed a few posts from last year you might notice I started an open source project, blogged on it 3 times and then nothing. Three things happened. First, I hit a couple of road blocks slash speed bumps that slowed me down and discouraged me. Second, I became fully contracted with a bit of a commute which took away time for side projects. And, third I recognized that NIOS running Linux was at least passe and at most never relevant given that FPGA SoCs come with ARM processors now and running Linux on a NIOS is probably not practical.

So, now I am back to NOT fully contracted, ready to fight through road blocks and speed bumps and looking for something relevant. If you have been reading my recent posts, and by you I mean me, since based on the stats for this blog it is more of a personal journal than a publication, then you know I have been exposed to all of the open source platforms at the ESC conferences as well as crowd funding and entrepreneurship. So, I am off on another side project until one of three things happen (see above).

I am open to suggestions if anyone has a good one.

One comment

  1. Hello Martin, I will be interested in working with you on side projects if you ever need any assistance. At the same time, I will keep an eye out for a consultant position. Keep blogging because I have been reading them. 🙂

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