One Post A Month

It has been a month since my last posting at which time I changed the appearance of my site from one of the free wordpress “themes” to another. The old free one prominently showed the dates of my post but did not have the sidebar with author, follow widget and index information. My daughter designed my new business cards and I used the design as my new banner which did not go well with the old theme. I like the results of the new theme and new banner except information for when the post was released is a little more subtle. No matter, they are all as relevant today as they were when I posted them the first time.

I have a new contract starting next week. A fortune 500 company was given a referral to me by a previous client and once again my continued employment is owed to a colleague and not a fruit of my marketing skills. However client referral does speak to my reputation and marketable skills. The contract intends to be a rather short one so I will likely be ringing everyone’s bells again by the end of the year.

My “pro bono” work has still not been delivered. I have found that working on something even this simple when done intermittently and without a sense of urgency can lead to an even lesser quality product than I already would have suspected. I am doing better this week with an artificial deadline and persistent attention to the effort. I completely gutted and re-wrote half the code I had written and I am now back to testing. It is going much better and I intend to release it by the end of this week.

My “New Cool Project” has all but been abandoned for two reasons. First it received third priority after seeking compensated employment and the “pro bono” project and second it was based on “open source”. I hope to find time to post more on this later but I have a new de-appreciation for the “open source” fad. i have not completely given up on it but it has a very slim chance of getting any attention soon.

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