I Need a Wake-up Call

Buy low and sell high is one of those obvious sayings in the investment field. And then there is the law of supply and demand for price setting. So, right now I have a supply of time and not a lot of demand. So my time in theory is a little cheaper and I am investing it in three fronts. First, I am trying to get the word out that I am available for contract, in other words marketing to increase demand. This post is just such a contribution. I am also working with a past client that has some ideas but is not ready to pull the funding trigger so I am doing a little pro bono in another effort to increase demand. And thirdly, I am working on an open source based project that might turn into an entrepreneurial product if I can ever get out of the quagmire that is open source (more on that later).

So, which of these investments will provide future income? If future performance matches past experience then none of these will. To date, the only means for my gaining a new client engagement has come from someone I have worked with in the past, knowing of an opportunity, and strongly suggesting me for the effort. Even though I have and continue to search job sites, cold call managers and companies, presented at a conference and talked at length with agency recruiters, none of these efforts have ever produced a new client engagement. One of my most fruitful engagements for both me and my client came when a past neighbor who knew me because my kids babysat his kids and he suggested I might know something about FPGA to a client he worked with in the RF field.

I am somewhat reminded of what Mona Lisa Vito said at the end of one of my favorite movies: “ You know, this could be a sign of things to come. You win all your cases, but with somebody else’s help. Right? You win case, after case, – and then afterwards, you have to go up to somebody and you have to say- “thank you“! Oh my God, what a nightmare!”.  It may not be a nightmare but while you are waiting for your next win, and the help that you depend on to get that win, it can be a bit scary when you feel that it is not totally in your control. So, to all of you who have recommended me and continue to recommend me, Thank You again. And to you and everyone else, please send me a new wake-up call soon before my dream job gets to the nightmare stage.

New Cool Project?

If you followed a few posts from last year you might notice I started an open source project, blogged on it 3 times and then nothing. Three things happened. First, I hit a couple of road blocks slash speed bumps that slowed me down and discouraged me. Second, I became fully contracted with a bit of a commute which took away time for side projects. And, third I recognized that NIOS running Linux was at least passe and at most never relevant given that FPGA SoCs come with ARM processors now and running Linux on a NIOS is probably not practical.

So, now I am back to NOT fully contracted, ready to fight through road blocks and speed bumps and looking for something relevant. If you have been reading my recent posts, and by you I mean me, since based on the stats for this blog it is more of a personal journal than a publication, then you know I have been exposed to all of the open source platforms at the ESC conferences as well as crowd funding and entrepreneurship. So, I am off on another side project until one of three things happen (see above).

I am open to suggestions if anyone has a good one.