The Satisfaction of DIY


I have a great digital work space. Four 24 inch 1080p monitors.  I have had this setup for several years. However, for about a year one of the monitors would have difficulty turning on. It would require repeated assertions of the momentary power button. So, for a long while I quit turning it off. Then sometime around last November I did turn it off and it would then not turn back on.

For a while that black screen haunted me but then my good friend and colleague was visiting and for fun the two of us disassembled the monitor just to see if the issue might be obvious. It was not but some research on the web indicated that when monitors exhibit this behavior it is generally a bad capacitor in the power supply. The recommendation is to just replace all of the capacitors and, according to the networked masses, the monitor might just return to normal operation. In fact, there is a company that sells the capacitors needed to fix my model monitor for $12 delivered.

So, I could order a replacement from Amazon for about $170 delivered in two days, or I could spend $12 and a couple of hours of my time and maybe it would be fixed in a few weeks. The smart choice would of course be to replace it. But where is the personal satisfaction in that. Instead I ordered the repair kit which took 8 weeks to arrive. It should have contained 8 capacitors of various values and instead contained 7 capacitors two of which were incorrect values. i requested a correction from the company and they never responded. So, I ordered the 3 correct capacitors from a different electronic supply company for another $10 which was mostly shipping cost and finally today, 4 months later, I replaced the capacitors and reassembled the monitor and it works. So, $170 – $22 is $148 savings. However, 4 months of missed usage, 2 hours of labor and I still have a fully depreciated, 5 year old monitor. But for now, and as long as it continues to work, its priceless.